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STEM in Science is so broad. Children will participate in cooking activities, playing with water, measuring and scientific activities. Creative learning will include mixing ingredients to see it's reaction, using simple kitchen ingredients to make formulas, testing and more.


ESLA introduce technology because of it's many learning benefits. From building eye coordination, to developing typing and pincer skills. Technology is all around children daily. ESLA want to develop a healthy relationship between computers, telephones, cameras and learning. Children will begin use electronics, learn how to operate learning activities independently, log on or off and play fun educational games.


ESLA little Engineer that could. We turn LEGO's into engineering with a blast of fun. Creating miniature robots, building and making cars including air crafts. Of course launching air planes, rockets and more the ESLA way. Lastly, pairing with Gulfstream of Savannah to come in and give a fun and creative lesson on Air Craft and Air Planes.. 


Were the creativity began. Children can explore their imagination through painting, coloring, and making all sorts of arts and crafts, This area of STEM truly brings out the children's personality and creative side. Here at ESLA we like to assist children in being creative because each child thoughts, imagination, and creative development is different and unique. So we encourage children to not be perfect in Art, but to be open to it.


Math and Stem is so cool. We start off with simple addition and subtraction. Moving into sorting and classifying.  Then we introduce telling time, Tessellation for shapes rotation, and reflection. Children will also learn how to count money, recognize it's value and began to know how to use currency.

Fine Arts and Culinary

Fine Arts and Creative  Arts are not the same. Fine arts at ESLA is all about dancing, music and sculpturing among many more. We believe that Fine Arts are important because it has been proven to increase creativity, improve academic performance, enhance visual learning, increase motor skills, and lastly boost higher decision-making skills. 

Culinary at ESLA is all about cooking, tasting new foods, trying new recipes, and feeling the different textures. Last but not least, we want to help families encourage healthier food choices that can be shared from cooking at ESLA.

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