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Diverse Learning Environments

Early Scholars

Our 1 year old class is a combination of introduction and early learning techniques. Our goal is to provide a fun yet learning environment so that our early toddlers can began to self identify and learn independence. 


Shining Scholars

Welcome to our 2 year old classroom. Shining Scholars will begin to recognize that learning is apart of our their everyday lives. They will be introduced to Developmentally Appropriate Activities. Including learning about numbers, shapes, colors and so much more. 

Rising Scholars

Rising Scholars is all about rising to the next level. Letters turn into names, numbers turn into counting and so much more. Our 3 year old class is the bridge between learning through play and learning in a structured classroom. Our creative curriculum will help develop cognitive skills, peer to peer interaction, and independent  creative learning

Soaring Scholars

Soaring Scholars will be prepared for grade school. This class will complete an entire year of writing, reading, mind STEMulation, S.M.A.R.T, culinary and fine arts. Wait, that's not all. Our STEM curriculum will allow children to do basic math, science experiments, learn technology skill and more.   

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